Yonex VCORE 100 (Unstrung)
Yonex VCORE 100 (Unstrung)
Yonex VCORE 100 (Unstrung)
Yonex VCORE 100 (Unstrung)
Yonex VCORE 100 (Unstrung)

Yonex VCORE 100 (Unstrung)

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Harness your power. Unlock your spin. Revolutionize your game.

The VCORE features a toolbox of spin waiting to be unlocked – heavy spin, attacking spin, topspin, backspin, side spin…every type of spin. Think of a fast, red car – speedy, slick, smooth – that’s the 6th-generation VCORE. New materials combine with innovation to increase string snapback and movement, giving players access to the most spin in Yonex tennis history. Yes, it has even more RPM’s than the previous model*, producing trajectories your opponent has never seen before.

Win with the best-spin racquet in Yonex tennis history. By combining innovative technology with our signature ISOMETRICTM frame, the VCORE is engineered for higher spin. New Aero Fin technology above the throat creates a faster, thinner frame for increased ball-pocketing. Newly engineered straight hole grommets allow for more string movement to expand the horizontal sweet spot, while the Aero Trench reduces air resistance for easy maneuverability. 



For all-around players looking for a maneuverable racquet designed for spin and speed


Product Description  

  • Description:  Maneuverable racquet designed for great spin and power
  • Head Size:  100 sq. in. 
  • Weight: G:300g  / 10.6oz 
  • Grip Size: 1-5
  • Length: 27 in. 
  • Width Range: 24 mm - 25 mm - 22 mm
  • Balance Point:  320mm
  • Material: HM Graphite / 2G-Namd Flex Force / VDM
  • Color: Tango Red
  • Stringing Pattern:  16x19
  • String Advice: 45-60 lbs
  • Made in Japan
  • Original US Version



      Product Technology


      For Enhanced Sweet Spot
      A square-shaped ISOMETRICTM racquet generates a 7% larger sweet spot for greater control without sacrificing power.

        Developed over 30 years ago, the ISOMETRIC™ design increases the sweet spot by 7%*. Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC™ racquet generates a larger sweet spot by optimizing the intersection of the main and cross strings. ISOMETRIC™ technology delivers greater control without sacrificing power.



        A revolutionary graphite designed to maintain its flex during fast swing speeds so you can grip the ball to produce aggressive, attacking spin.

        *Namd is technology developed by Nitta Co., Ltd. to 'uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes in carbon fiber composites.'

        • Aero Trench

        For easy Maneuverability.

        An innovative design created to reduce air resistance by shielding the grommets at the top of the frame for faster swing speeds.

        • New Aero-Shaped Frame

        For a plush, comfortable feel
        By varying the outer angle of the aero-shaped frame, the middle and upper hoop are plush, while the lower hoop is stable.

        • Liner Tech

        For maximum spin potential
        Newly engineered straight hole grommets allow more string movement on off-centered shots. 

        • Oval Pressed Shaft (OPS)

        Increased spin and control
        Shaft corners are rounded for an ideal flex at impact to increase dwell time for optimal spin and directional control.

        • Liner Tech

        For improved power and comfort
        Straight hole grommets elongate the strings to optimize power and comfort on off-center shots.

        • Aero Fin

        A Faster Frame for More Spin
        Enhanced Aero Fin technology above the throat creates a faster, thinner frame for increased ball-pocketing.

        The Yonex VCORE 100 (Unstrung) is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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