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Badminton Racket Stringing Service (Restringing)

**String service is free with the purchase of a new racket from Joy Badminton(string cost depends on selection)**

Please see Terms & Conditions Below 

Our stringing method complies with Yonex Stringing Instructions and stringing Service is done by Professional Stringer with Yonex Most Accurate High-Quality Electronic Machine which is made in Japan. Also, our stringing staffs are professional badminton racket stringers having years of experience since 1991 stringing rackets in retail stores. 

  • Are your strings broken?  You need a restring! 
  • Has it been over a year since your last restring?  You need a restring!  Whether your racquet is in use four times a week or whether it has been sitting in a closet for a year or more, racquet strings are constantly losing tension.  An easy rule of thumb for non-string-breakers is to have their racquet strung at least once a year to keep the tension at a playable level.  Additionally, if you play three times a week you should restring three times a year.  Twice a week, twice a year and so on.  Otherwise you can expect to work harder than you have to to direct the ball where you want it to go since looser strings result in loss of ball control and shot accuracy.
  • Have you lost control over shots you’d normally make with ease?  You need a restring!  When your winning shot suddenly and regularly disappears and the ball seems to have a mind of its own when you know you’re better than that, it’s an indication that your tension has relaxed to a point that you are ready for a restring.


Our restringing service price is flat-rate pricing of $20 for string and labor cost per racket. You must select the string type and string tension in the drop-down menu. There may have an additional charge for some strings.


You can choose the store pick up option if you are nearby. $15 shipping charge will occur for shipping of the racket from Joy Badminton back to you For any order over $100 including stringing service,  we can combine your stringing order with other purchases and ship together.


  1. Once your checkout has been completed, You can drop off at our location below or carefully package your racket in a shipping box, write your order number on the box, and send or drop off your racket at: 
    Joy Badminton
    2417 Strozier Ave
    South El Monte, CA 91733  
  2. Most stringing services completed within 24 hours after receiving rackets. Need to be rushed? No problem. Let us know. We will meet your schedule.
  3. For store pick up, same day pick up is available upon request.
  4. Combine with your other purchase. For any order over $100 including stringing service,  we can combine your stringing order with other purchases and ship together.

yonex badminton racket stringing service

When should I restring my badminton racket?

Rackets lose their string tension after a couple of games. If the strings become too loose, you will not be able to hit quick shots and your game will suffer. So, it is essential to restring the racket regularly.

Is it worth restringing a badminton racket?

If you are a badminton enthusiast, then you know that stringing a racket is an inevitable process. The racket in your strings is bound to rapture at one time especially if you have used the racket for long. As such, you will need to restring it even if you bought it as a pre-strung racket.

How to choose the right string for badminton racket?


String Type Recommendation:
All-Around/Basic String:
Yonex BG65


Higher Tension - More Control
Lower Tension - More Repulsion (Power)

Yonex badminton stringing guide


Terms & Conditions 

* We do not offer any warranty on any restringing services, as strings wear down from usage.
* We are not responsible for any damage or shipping mishaps that might occur while your racket is on its way to us, we recommend using a shipping carrier with tracking and adding insurance.

We do not re-string rackets with signs of damage to the frame or rackets
we believe to be fake as they are likely to break under the pressure of new strings.

If you choose to bring your own string,
Joy Badminton will not be responsible or liable if the strings break.

There is no warranty on our restring service.

If you request your racket to be restrung outside of the tension range recommended by the manufacturer,
Joy Badminton will not be responsible or liable for any damage caused to the racket by restringing.

We reserve the right to reject any racket, at any time.
If payment has been taken before the racket is rejected, you will be given a refund.





On the fence about this Stringing Service? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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