Yonex Aeroclear 30 Goose Feather Badminton Shuttlecock

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Brought to you from our friend @ CK Yew (Youtube Site)

Introducing Yonex’s new goose feather shuttlecock: AEROCLEAR 30. Compared to the competitor’s shuttle, AEROCLEAR 30 has a more consistent flight and increased durability. The performance of the AEROCLEAR 30 is comparable to Yonex’s AEROSENSA 30, but offered at a more affordable price point. It is best suited for practice and match usage. *Shuttlecock performance can vary by altitude

For customers who wish to purchase large quantities, please feel free to contact us at help@joybadminton.com


Product Description  

  • Yonex Aeroclear 30 (ACL-303)
  • Material: Goose feathers
  • Color: White
  • Quantity: 1 Dozen (=1 Tube =12 Shuttlecocks)
  • Speed: 3 / 77 / Medium