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Yonex AC402EX Towel Grip

Yonex AC402EX Towel Grip

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Yonex AC402EX Towel Grip

Towel grip is used by many professional players to help absorb sweat and for comfort. Yonex Towel Grip AC-402 is one of the best towel grip in the world having very dense cotton in comparison to other towel grips. It is also the most used towel grip by professional badminton players throughout the world.


Product Description  

  • Yonex AC402EX Towel Grap
  • Color: Yellow/ Orange/ Blue/ Black/ SAX
  • Qty: 1pc
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Measurement: 1.25 in W x 25.98 in L x 0.05 in Thick
  • Description: Comfortable towel grip with improved absorbency.



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