Victor Thruster Ryuga Metallic TK-RYUGA METALLIC C (Blaze Red) 2023

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Victor Thruster Ryuga Metallic TK-RYUGA METALLIC C (Blaze Red) 2023

Engineered with innovative Metallic Carbon Fiber technology, TK-RYUGA has transformed and is now introducing its new iteration, TK-RYUGA METALLIC. Lee Zii Jia, the Malaysian men's single player, wielded TK-RYUGA METALLIC to propel himself into the finals of both the Arctic Open and Denmark Open, securing a championship and a runner-up position, respectively. "TK-RYUGA METALLIC features a heavier head, resulting in more powerful and robust returns. The dragon motif design adds another captivating visual element."

Weight3U / 4U
High ResilienceModulus Graphite + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY + Metallic Carbon Fiber
High ResilienceModulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.8 SHAFT
Balance: Head Heavy
3U ≦32 lbs(14.5kg)
4U ≦31 lbs(14kg)

TK-RYUGA METALLIC boasts Metallic Carbon Fiber frame, delivering a unique blend of elasticity and sturdy handling that ensures each hit is both menacing and explosively powerful. This power is even more apparent through the feedback from the frame, particularly when executing aggressive attacks from the baseline.


Building upon the original features of TK-RYUGA, TK-RYUGA METALLIC is designed with a weighted head and a heavy swing weight. These characteristics have been adjusted to match player-oriented specifications, elevating the racket response index to level 9. This new racket excels not only in managing the most intense smashes on the court but also in delivering an overwhelming attacking power.


TK-RYUGA METALLIC features a combination of Metallic Carbon Fiber and wooden handle, seamlessly merging the crisp feedback of wooden handle with the elasticity of Metallic Carbon Fiber. The hardcore specifications further elevate the handling experience, ensuring unparalleled precision and creating a racket unlike any other.