VICTOR Master NO.1 Feather Shuttlecock

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Master NO.1 Feather Shuttlecocks

Experience flies longer – VICTOR shuttlecocks established the company many decades ago. 4 million shuttles leave the factory every month – one of biggest factories in the world. VICTOR is one of the market leaders and, has achieved through the decades of experience, a quality level which is appreciated by the top players at the biggest tournaments worldwide.

The Victor Master No.1 is a premier badminton shuttlecock from the Victor Master series.  It is approved by the BWF for international tournaments.  Manufactured using the highest quality goose feathers the Master Ace No.1 is highly rated for it's flight consistency and overall durability. 

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  • Color: White
  • Speed: 78 (Medium Fast)
  • Feather Material: Tournament Grade Goose Feather
  • Head Material: Full cork(softwood)
  • Quantity: 1 Tube (= 12 Shuttlecocks)