Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green) 
Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green) 
Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green) 
Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green) 
Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green) 
Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green) 
Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green) 

Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green)


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Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green)

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Victor AuraSpeed 98K (ARS-98K) (Battlefield Green)

The Victor Auraspeed 98K is designed for advanced players who demand a high degree of control and speed in their badminton play. It suits players who excel in fast-paced rallies and require a racket that offers quick handling and precision. The Auraspeed series is known for its focus on enhancing the speed of racket swings and shuttlecock response, and the 98K model complements this with features that support agility and accuracy on the court.

This racket is ideal for competitive players who value the ability to execute rapid defensive plays, sharp net shots, and precise smashes. With its balanced design, the Auraspeed 98K is versatile, making it a great choice for both singles and doubles players who want to maintain high levels of performance across various aspects of their game.

Product Description  

  • Grip Size: G5  
  • Weight: 4U 
  • String Tension: <= 28lbs
  • Color: Battlefield Green
  • Stiffness: Medium Stiff
  • Balance: Even balance
  • Frame: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY
  • Shaft: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + 6.8 SHAFT

Compound-Sword Frame Structure

Compound-Sword frame increases speed and stability. The upper part of the frame reduces air resistance, the middle part improves the energy transfer user's swing to the shuttle, and the lower part increases stability and speed by drastically reducing any racket twisting. This ensures to get as much speed for the drop shots and defenses, while also giving the stability to hit accurate smashes.


The Whipping Enhancement System incorporates a softer material in a specific part of the shaft near the throat, enhancing racket-head acceleration in a "whipping" style which helps to create steeper and quicker attacks with satisfying control.