Victor AuraSpeed 2000 (ARS-2000M) Blue Pre-Strung

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Victor  AuraSpeed 2000 (ARS-2000M) Blue Pre-Strung

Product Description

  • Grip Size: G5  
  • Weight: 4U
  • Stiffness: Stiff ○○●○○ Flexible
  • String Tension: 
  • 3U:≤31 lbs(14Kg)
  • 4U:≤30 lbs(13.5Kg)
  • Balance: Even balanced
  • Frame: Graphite+Resin
  • Shaft: Graphite+Resin+7.0 SHAFT


Combining controllability of diamond-shape structure with stability and smoothness of 'sword-shape' structure AERO-DIAMOND frame minimizes air-resistance and improves handling stability on each hit.