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Victor Arrow Power 9000 (AP-9000) Pre-Strung

Victor Arrow Power 9000 (AP-9000) Pre-Strung

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Arrow Power 9000 (AP-9000) Pre-Strung

The Arrow Power is a stiff frame that is ideal for badminton players with an aggressive attacking style of game.


Product Description  

  • VICTOR Original North America Version
  • Grip Size: G5  
  • Weight: 4U 
  • Strung@24lbs
  • Color: F ( Royal Blue)
  • Stiffness: 
  • Balance: 
  • Frame: High Tech Graphite 
  • Shaft: High Tech Graphite + Nano Tec
  • Cover: Victor Full Cover



Product Technology

  • NANO TEC   

The NANO TEC technology works by evenly distributing nano-sized particles in the vacant space between carbon fiber bundles, this highly increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composite fibers, and reduces the distortion of the frame.


This box-shaped frame design effectively increases the stability and anti-torque, to withstand higher string tension.


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