Victor A680 BG (Trench Blue)

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Victor A680 BG (Trench Blue)

Product Description  

  • Color: Trench Blue
  • Outsole:  VSR Rubber
  • Midsole:  Resilient EVA + ENERGYMAX3.0 + Nylon Sheet
  • Upper:  PU Leather + Double Mesh + TPU
  • Comes with an extra pair of different colored shoelaces


The new generation highly elastic material with a 22% increase in rebound ability. The shock absorption increases by 6% which can dramatically enhance instant resilience, shock absorption and cushioning effect to shocks. 

Highly resilient midsole material is more durable and retains its shape, providing stability and shock absorption, and also increases flexibility and increases reaction speed while changing directions.

The inner toe uses special technics to provide better strength and durability.

The radiation pattern provides more grip on the court during lateral and vertical movements. The small lump pattern distribution adds additional grip and hold.

A unique breathing mesh layer is used to increase ventilation. It facilitates heat dissipation creating a more comfortable environment for the feet.

Upgraded outsole rubber, slip-resistant performance increased by 21% on dry PU floor.