Victor A610III AB (Cool White)

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Victor A610III AB (Cool White)

Product Description  

  • Color: White
  • Outsole:  VSR Rubber
  • Midsole:  ELASTIC EVA + ENERGYMAX3.0 + TPU
  • Upper:  PU synthetic leather + double breathable mesh


Highly elastic material, improves rebound shock absorption, enhances instant rebound ability and shock absorption.

Highly elastic midsole material, high durability than regular EVA, maintains stability and shock absorption and increases elasticity of the midsole, which increases overall speed and direction change.

The inner surface of the toe is treated with special protective film, reducing wear and tear and increasing abrasion resistance.

A unique breathable mesh layer increases breathability so that the shoes are cooler and more comfortable.

The new anti-slip rubber has improved hold performance up to 21%

The innovative design adds stabilizing function to the arch which provides stability while moving.