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Mizuno Fortius 11 Power (Black/Orange)

Newly developed frame design & longer shaft offer heavier smashing potential.

 Using Mizuno's exclusive frame design "TRANS FORCE FRAME", it can deliver the energy of hitting the ball directly to the top of the badminton ball. Use the powerful watch-breaking kill ball, hit the opponent in one move!

Fortius 11 Power is ideal for the advanced player seeking for an explosive power smash in every shot.

  • Made in Japan
  • Weight: 4U
  • Grip: G6
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Material: High-elastic graphite + graphite, MFUSION, tungsten
  • Recommended Tension: 22-29 Lbs 


A frame cross-section with increased rigidity is adopted from the center to the bottom of the frame, where displacement is large when a ball is hit. Mizuno's unique frame design aims to directly transfer the energy of a hit ball to the shuttle.

Different materials with high specific gravity are used in the blue portion of the diagram, concentrating the weight distribution of the frame in the center of the racket. By lowering the moment of inertia, the rotation speed during swinging is increased, enabling stronger smashes.

Just before impact, the wrist moves inward, causing the racket to rotate in a twisting direction. The unique design of the frame joints maximizes the transmission of this "twisting" force to the shuttle, which is important when transmitting force to the shuttle.

The challenge in developing a lightweight shaft is that it becomes too soft and its bending and restoring properties are not stable, leading to loss of swing energy. Mizuno solved this problem by improving the composites of carbon fiber and resin at the nano-level. The result is a lighter weight, higher impact resistance, and improved rigidity.

The grooves are designed all the way to the base of the frame to improve the feel of swing and surface stability.