Yonex Astrox 3 DG (Red/Black)

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Yonex Astrox 3 DG (Red/Black) UNSTRUNG

Product Description  

  • Original YONEX US Version
  • Grip Size: G5 
  • Weight: 4U (Ave 83g) 
  • Flex: Hi-Flex
  • Frame: HM Graphite / Tungsten
  • BalanceHEAD HEAVY
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite / NAMD


- No YY Logo will be printed on string bed.
- Stringing Service is done by Professional Stringer with Yonex Most Accurate High Quality Electronic Machine which is made in Japan.
- Stringing method complies with Yonex Stringing Instructions.


Product Technology

Reinforced Structure Frame

The Reinforced Structure Frame is designed with a new material that provides ultra high strength and stiffness, making it capable of withstanding string tension of up to 35lbs. This ensures that the frame remains durable and long-lasting, even under intense playing conditions.

Rotational Generator System

The Rotational Generator System is a feature that enhances weight distribution throughout the racket for maximum control. By applying the counterbalance theory, the weight is distributed evenly throughout the grip end, frame top, and joint. This allows for smooth transitions between shots and quick, successive movements, enabling you to stay ahead of your opponent.

Nanomesh Neo

Nanomesh Neo is a special material that enhances the performance of badminton rackets by promoting faster shaft take-back. It works by acting as an adhesive, bonding the graphite fiber with the resin to create a stronger and more flexible frame. This results in increased shaft flex, which builds up energy for more powerful smash and drive shots. Additionally, the material helps the racket return to its original state quickly after making contact with the shuttlecock, allowing for a more rapid follow-up shot.


The Isometric frame shape is square-shaped, designed to keep vertical and horizontal strings at similar lengths to produce a larger sweet spot in all directions. The Aero+Box Frame provides a solid hitting feel and quick swing, improving overall racket performance.

The new Built-in T-Joint is made of lightweight plastic combined with epoxy resin and a foaming agent to enhance stability and performance by improving shuttle control on the string bed and in the air. Finally, the Control Support Cap provides an 88% wider flat surface compared to a regular racket, allowing for better grip, faster follow-through, and sharper maneuverability.