Yonex Astrox 88D Play (Pre-Strung) Camel Gold

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YONEX ASTROX 88D Play Prestrung

Product Description  

  • Original YONEX US Version
  • Grip Size: G5 
  • Weight: 4U (Ave 83g) 
  • Flex: Medium Flexible
  • Frame: HM Graphite / Volume Cut Resin
  • Balance: HEAD HEAVY
  • Shaft: HM Graphite / Nanomesh NEO


 Product Technology

The YONEX Astrox 88D Play badminton racquet is a new version of the YONEX Astrox 88D model. It is specifically designed to enhance the fast-paced style of doubles play, requiring quick and powerful shots. This model is ideal for front-court players, with a longer shuttle hold for precise net control. The 88D models, on the other hand, are designed for back-court players, providing a balance between repulsion and shuttle hold for maximum power.

This racquet incorporates several advanced technologies, including the Rotational Generator System, which distributes weight to help head-heavy racquets recover faster between shots. The Volume Cut Resin is a new groundbreaking resin that provides powerful adhesion with less material and weight, increasing durability and strength without compromising weight. The High Modulus Graphite Frame, made of HM graphite and tungsten with volume cut resin, offers extraordinary racket characteristics. Finally, the Energy Boost Cap improves control with a unique cap shape that allows the shaft to move freely while restricting shaft movement against twisting, resulting in better control and faster smash ability.