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Extra Stiff

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Representing a column of light, this is the first head-light racquet engineered for smash speed.


Key Features


Lightning Fast Frame

Nanometric DR

Incredible Repulsion. Space inspired technology.

Sonic Flame System

Maximum shuttle acceleration.


Next generation carbon fiber.

Ultra PE Fiber

Light yet aborbs shock.

Speed Assist Bumper

Stiff & firm, stabilizes frame.

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Space Inspired

The first ever racquet to ever use Nanometric DR, a revoluationary material used in space aviation which combines shuttle hold and high repulsion.

The Fastest. Ever.

The new Wide profile frame paired with Sonic Flame System provides maximum shuttle acceleration without sacrificing stability or control.

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Shockingly Resistant

The shaft is coated with Ultra PE Fiber which is light enough to float on water, yet is able to provide unbelievable shock absorption.


Lightning Shaped Frame

Combining a wide frame profile and aero shape, Strike Lightning with improved repulsion and reduced swing resistance.

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Disclaimer: The features on this product page apply to the "Pro" or most expensive model in this series.
Other rackets in this series follow a similar design profile but may not offer the exact same specs or features detailed on this page.
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