Mizuno Altius 08 (White/Pink)
Mizuno Altius 08 (White/Pink)
Mizuno Altius 08 (White/Pink)
Mizuno Altius 08 (White/Pink)
Mizuno Altius 08 (White/Pink)
Mizuno Altius 08 (White/Pink)

Mizuno Altius 08 (White/Pink)


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Mizuno Altius 08 (White/Pink)

Control your rallies with speed and hit further, faster.

Equipped with the new "BEYOND COUNTER SYSTEM" that improves hold and resilience at the same time.

  • Weight: 4U
  • Grip: G6
  • Flex: Soft 
  • Balance: Head Light
  • Color: White/Pink
  • Material: graphite
  • Recommended Tension: 18-25 Lbs 


The design of the frame in contact with the warp, which affects resilience, was reviewed, and a hard, high-elasticity material was used on the outside and a soft, low-elasticity material on the inside. A trampoline-like structure with the outside of the spring firmly surrounded by a hard steel frame has made it possible to achieve both hold and resilience.

Just before impact, the wrist moves inward, causing the racket to rotate in a twisting direction. The unique design of the frame joints maximizes the transmission of this "twisting" force to the shuttle, which is important when transmitting force to the shuttle.

The challenge in developing a lightweight shaft is that it becomes too soft and its bending and restoring properties are not stable, leading to loss of swing energy. Mizuno solved this problem by improving the composites of carbon fiber and resin at the nano-level. The result is a lighter weight, higher impact resistance, and improved rigidity.

The grooves are designed all the way to the base of the frame to improve the feel of swing and surface stability.

Designed with a base material [VA polymer] with excellent shock absorption and vibration damping properties. Uncomfortable vibration is suppressed.