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88 D & S 

The Next generation of Doubles is here.

Overcome modern doubles defense with Next generation technology.


#New Dawn for Doubles 


Pro / Tour    :   Stiff
Game / Play :   Medium 

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Key Features

Enhanced Rotational Generator

Faster recovery for a faster game

Power Assist Bumper Top

Enhanced power transfer

2G-Namd Flex Force

Next generation graphite

Sweet Spot Redesigned

Greater control & power

Modernized Weight Distribution

Incredible stability & power 

More accessible

For all skill levels

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Next generation graphite

2G-Namd Flex Force is next generation graphite.
It offers unbelievably quick flex and snapback.
Carbon Nanotube reduces energy loss
and enhances resilience & stability.

Designed for Doubles 

Astrox 88 S expands the sweet spot for greater control.
Astrox 88 D concentrates the sweet spot for greater power.


Power Assist Bumper

New Power Assist bumper is designed to fit seamlessly onto frame, reducing air resistance and greater power transfer.

 Modernized Weight Distribution 

Revamped new weight distribution design enhances stability, increasing smash power to overcome modern defense techniques.


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#New Dawn for Doubles

Disclaimer: The features on this product page apply to the "Pro" or most expensive model in this series.
Other rackets in this series follow a very similar design profile but may not offer the exact same specs on this page.
Thank you for your understanding.