Yonex POWER CUSHION AERUS 2 Ladies (Navy Blue)
Yonex POWER CUSHION AERUS 2 Ladies (Navy Blue)
Yonex POWER CUSHION AERUS 2 Ladies (Navy Blue)

Yonex POWER CUSHION AERUS 2 Ladies (Navy Blue)

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Working on the success of the Aerus MX, Yonex has introduced the Aerus 2 MX , an equally light (only 270 gms) and even better badminton shoe for on-court performance and comfort. Yonex redefines the standard of on-court performance and comfort with its new badminton shoe: AERUS 2. Its light weight combined with superior ventilation and solid fit makes it perfect for the quick and complex movements unique to badminton. Ultra-lightweight. Superior ventilation. Solid fit. Experience the next level of performance and comfort with the AERUS 2.


Product Description  

  • Yonex’s lightest shoe at 270g. Superior ventilation and solid fit.
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Gender: Women
  • Size: US 8.5 (25.0cm)
  • Upper: PU Leather, Double Russel Mesh, Durable Skin Light
  • Midsole: Hyper msLite, Solid E.V.A., Power Cushion, Power Graphite Sheet
  • Outsole:  Rubber 




Product Technology

  • Power Cushion (3-Layer)

The hard top and bottom layers absorb 30% more shock than our original Power Cushion and provide 5% more repulsion for enhanced transfer of energy. The soft middle layer quickly returns to its original shape after receiving a shock load, converting the shock energy into power for fast and light footwork.

  • Hyper msLite

Hyper msLite is a further 10% lighter than the original high-performance midsole and provides greater durability and comfort.

  • Round Sole 

The YONEX Round Sole is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork. The Round Sole ensures smooth movements and transfer of maximum energy.

  • Power Graphite Lite

A super-light graphite plate is inserted under the middle portion of the foot to increase stability and reduce weight within the shoe.

  • Durable Skin Light

Combining rubber-like flexibility with the stiffness of hard plastic, the polyurethane-based Durable Skin Light lets you play light on your feet while maintaining a robust fit.

  • Hexagrip

For agile and stable footwork, the hexagrip pattern provides 3% more grip and is 20% lighter than standard sole material.

  • Toe Assist Shape

A toe-centric design that cuts down on pressure in the big toe, as well as offering improved support at the mid-foot and heel for a stable fit. Power loss is reduced, allowing for swift footwork.

  • Tough Guard IV

ATough Guard IV provides improved protection towards friction and heat abrasion—roughly 30% more than the original. Also with a more solid fit and softer reinforcing material at the toes, Tough Guard IV is specifically made with badminton’s quick and unique footwork in mind.

Life is too short to live without the Yonex POWER CUSHION AERUS 2 Ladies (Navy Blue). Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Apr 21, 2021