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Yonex 92026 (Deep Blue) 6pk Badminton Tennis Racket Bag

Yonex 92026 (Deep Blue) 6pk Badminton Tennis Racket Bag

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92026 Pro Series 6pk Racquet Bag



Carry your gear in a more convenient and secure way with Yonex Racket Bag!

With high technology in keeping rackets' shape safe with many storage options, the PRO series has been chosen by the top professional badminton players and favored by many badminton players throughout the world.


Product Description  

  • Color: Deep Blue
  • Capacity: 6 pk (*Tennis Racket Based)
  • Measurement(cm/inches): 78 x 26 x 33 cm (30.7” x 10.2” x 12.9”)



Product Technology

  • Available as a Backpack

Can be used as a backpack for easy transport.

  • Shoe Pocket

Shoes can be packed away in the bag.

  • Easy Port Shape

A sculpted shoulder shape along the top frame of the bag reduces the burden on shoulders.

  • Adjustable Buckle

The buckle rotates according to the angle of the shoulder when carried, making it difficult to lose shape.


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